Ethiopia Boji Kochere - (Fully Washed)

Boji washing station services around 500 smallholder producers from a growing area close to Yirgacheffe, one of the most-loved coffee growing areas in the world. It is a Grade 1 fully washed coffee, processed following traditional Ethiopian methods.

Grades in Ethiopia depend on visual inspection for defects, and cup quality; Grade 1 is considered the highest quality coffee as it is free of cup faults and taints. Grade 1 and 2 are considered speciality coffee, and 3-9 are classified as commercial coffee. 

Ethiopia is still the speciality coffee world’s darling, as it consistently produces interesting, high-quality coffees. Most of its producers are smallholders who generally cultivate using traditional methods, which means they rarely use chemical fertiliser or pesticides, and all of the farming is done manually.


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