Kenya Slopes of 8 Group

The Slopes of 8 is a pioneering producer group that ensures direct farm-to-roaster trade. The idea is to shorten the supply chain for smallholder producers in order to empower them and them good revenue. All of the coffee follows the traditional Kenyan method of 24-hour fermentation, washing, and final soaking.

Kenyan coffee is classified by size; AB beans are between 6 and 7 millimetres in size. The mill that this coffee comes from – Kahawa Bora - is a service-provider offering micro-milling for small estates and individual growers across Kenya. They recognise the importance of cultivating supportive relationships with coffee farmers and roasters, and provides crucial services for the farmers and cooperatives, including key agricultural extension work, and supporting innovation in the small estate sector.

The use of the mill also allows easier traceability for individual farmers, meaning they can receive larger payouts for their high-quality production, and have their name attached to their coffees for consumers to see. Having their name and life story directly connected to their coffee means farmers can nurture long-term relationships with roasters and increase the value of their product.

Kenya’s coffee industry has gained and maintained an impressive reputation. Today, there are more than 600,000 smallholders farming fewer than 5 acres makes up 99% of Kenya’s coffee farming population, and the country upholds its reputation for high quality and attention to detail.


REGION: Kirinyaga County

FARM: Slopes of 8 Group


PROCESS: Fully Washed

CUP PROFILE: Apple / Dark Chocolate / Raspberry / Sweet