Behind Our Mozambique Banana Bread

Remember the first phase of lockdown when all anyone seemed to be doing on social media was making banana bread? Today we're here to share the secrets and story behind our very own Mozambique Banana Bread. 

After a trip to Clifton Bristol, we went about researching worldwide recipes for banana cake.  We tried and tested many recipes until we finally perfected it. Our particular banana bread is a fusion of Portuguese and Mozambique banana cake. 

There are strong Portuguese and Arabic influences in Mozambique cuisine. Mozambique became a Portuguese colony in 1505 and remained one, until 1975 when Mozambique declare it's Independence. 

Mozambique produced 724,966 tonnes of bananas in 2019 with an average growth of 7.49% growth each year. Bananas are mainly grown and exported from Africa and South American, making bananas prominent in East African cooking and the perfect natural sweetener for cakes.

With a natural banana sweetness and well structured crumb, it makes for a popular classic in our cafes, and a perfect choice for those in need of breakfast cake.