Yorks Summer Specials

Summer seems to have well and truly arrived- well for this week anyway. We thought we'd put together your ultimate guide to Yorks Summer Specials and the best way to enjoy them. 

For coffee; our recommendation is our Cold Brew with Coconut Foam. The perfect cold coffee, a mixture of sweet, smooth coconut against the crisp and refreshing coffee.

Runners up; our Affogato. Our very own single origin espresso poured over your choice of Vanilla, Salted Caramel or Stracciatella ice cream. Exclusively at Stratford this summer. 

For Brunch; Marrakech Toast. This light summer toast is the perfect option for brunch. The soft, mellow creamy avocado and hummus, against the crunchy sharp pink onion pickle with our mixture of chillis and spices.

Runners up; Avocado and Feta Smash. Both dishes are completely instagramable, so make sure you snap and tag us in you in your brunch. 

All best enjoyed; on Ikon's Sun Terrace, tucked away but still in the centre of Birmingham. (Or outside at any of our cafes really). 

Or if you fancy an evening vibe, join us on the sun terrace for craft beer, fine wines, and specialty cold drinks in the evening and soak up some rays. 

Discover how you can have enjoy your Yorks coffee at home this summer with our Cold Brew guide.

There you have it the perfect way to enjoy Summer with Yorks this year.