Colombian Tourist Guide- 24 hours in Santander

Welcome to Santander, Colombia. We’ve created the ultimate guide to Colombia in just 24 hours to make the most out of our layover. Known as the land of Adventure, we thought we’d recommend our top three things to do in Colombia, while we wait for our next flight. 

  1. For the adrenaline junkies amongst us head over to San Gil for some extreme sports. Whether you want to go paragliding, canyoning, rafting, caving and bungee jumping you can do them all in one San Gil. 
  2. For those looking to chill out head over to Quebrada Las Gachas in Guadalupe. Santander’s newest hot tourist attraction is the beautiful red river of Las Gachas just outside the little town of Guadalupe. The clear waters of the river flow over red rocks, making the water appear bright red. There are also deep holes eroded in the bedrock, forming little ‘jacuzzis’ that you can sit in, enjoying the warm Santander sun and cool water.
  3. And finally for those looking for what Colombia is famous for, take a coffee tour. With the highest production of Arabica Beans, and #3 in overall production for coffee Colombia has thousands of coffee farms.  Our Colombian beans come from Santander, located in Northern Colombia coffee is usually planted at lower altitudes where temperatures are higher. As such, these coffees tend to have deeper, earthier tastes with a medium acidity, more body and notes of nut and chocolate.
And finally make sure you try the local delicacies; Arepa, a circular cornmeal that make a steady foundation for any meal. Or if your in the mood for a feast try Colombia’s national dish the bandeja paisa. On one plate you’ll normally find steak, ground beef, chicharrones, rice, beans, an egg, avocado, an arepa, and plantains. The perfect meal to tide you over until we get to our next destination.