Colombia - Fabian Acevado - Pink Bourbon - Fully Washed

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As a young man growing up on his father’s coffee farm, Fabian Acevedo wanted to become a mechanic. He joined the military and worked as a mechanic in an auto shop but, using the money he made, he took cupping classes at SENA, the national learning service and realized that his dream was in coffee.

Leaving the auto shop, he worked in a cooperative’s quality control (QC) department as a lab assistant where he gained experience in roasting and cupping. Eventually, he was hired full time and became head of QC for the association. He also returned to his father’s farm and works with his brother, who oversees the fields while Fabian focuses on quality control.

Fabian’s dream is to have his own cupping lab on the farm. In 2019 he used premiums he received feor his high quality coffee to buy his first sample roaster. Six months later, he purchase a grinder. Since then, he’s also purchased cupping glasses and a water heater. His goal is to buy a Probat sample roaster.

REGIONS: La Argentina, Pitalito

VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon

PROCESS: Fully Washed

CUP PROFILE: Sweet Chocolatey, Nutty, Full Bodied 

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