Honduran - Gabeneabo - Catuai - Fully Washed

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It is only in more recent years that coffee production in Honduras has reached specialty levels comparable to other Central American countries, but specialty roasters are responding with enthusiasm. In 2017, a lot in the Cup of Excellence garnered the highest price ever paid for a Cup of Excellence coffee in any country: $124.50 per pound (approximately $56.50 per kg).

Above all, while Honduras increasingly offers high end microlots, what the country arguably represents overall is exceptional value. Quality has improved massively over the last 15 years, and in addition to unique specialty lots, the country offers very solid, clean blenders at very attractive prices.

REGIONS: Gabeneabo

VARIETAL: Cerro Bueno Estate

PROCESS: Fully Washed

CUP PROFILE: Nutty, Fruity, Cocoa

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