Soul in the Machine - Espresso - Burundi / Guatemala - COMING SOON

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Our latest Soul in the Machine espresso was cupped primary because of the overwhelming sweetness of the two coffees we've picked, We usually cup them for a balance - on this one we leaned fully into the sweetness of the two coffees picked, the Burundi has a gorgeous apple acidity and sweetness and the Guatemalan has a berry sweetness, the two contrasting characteristics work very well together.


Named for the brightly-colored birds spotted across Burundi, our Fully washed Turaco specialty blend is sure to catch your attention. The high-quality cup is selected by our experienced QC teams at origin. Our vertically integrated sourcing chain makes this coffee’s journey as efficient as the proverbial bird flies.


Owner Ivan Ovalle holds an engineering degree that he has used to help increase Finca Palo Blanco’s water efficiency and to ensure that workers pick only the ripest cherry with the highest sugar content. The result is a deliciously sweet, full-bodied coffee with notes of berries and chocolate.

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