Soul in the Machine - House Espresso - Guatemala Hueheutanango

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Our Espresso is something we take seriously. No coffee from any of our cafes is served without first having a great espresso at it's core. 

When it comes to choosing our house espresso we like to make sure it has the punchy flavours you expect from a good espresso balanced well with a little bit of extra sweetness! 

This wonderful full bodied Guatemalan comes from an all Woman ran CO-OP in the Huehuetanango region. Known for producing coffees with lots of rich chocolatey and nutty flavours that end on a slight fruity sweetness. When combined with milk you get a lovely smooth creamy coffee perfect for that morning pick me up!

We highly recommend this bean for all you espresso makers.

Region: Huehuetanango 

Farm: Association Civil

Altitude: 1,500 to 1900 Meters 

Varietal: Bourbon Catuai // Caturra

Process: Fully Washed

Profile: Red Fruit // Chocolate // Apple 

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