When you think of Guatemala you probably think of exotic tropical jungle and equatorial weather and ancient, ancient tribes. You’d be right. Guatemala is the home of two of the best raw ingredients the western world uses – coffee and chocolate… BUT before we get onto that stuff, lets subvert you into a new way of thinking about Guatemala first.

The lost summer

Stuck in the UK? Join us on an adventure of a lifetime this summer. Your travels over the next 5 weeks will span all 5 continents. Discover coffees from Central America and Africa. Enjoy European and Middle Eastern food influences and of course, a trip to Australia & New Zealand to discover the more recent inspirations behind so many cafes and coffee shops in the UK today.

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So, all aboard our second flight, from Chicago, were going down south, to Central America, Huehuetenango, Guatemala.


Guatamalan Coffee

Guatemala has a rich and long history of producing coffee throughout the years. Check out our blog post below.

SOunds of Guatemala

Set the mood whilst you enjoy your Coffee and listen to some tunes straight out of Guatemala...

From COffee to rap...

Coffee's not all Guatemala is famous for, check out a little bit of culture with us.