House Espresso - Kenya Duma Nyeri

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Our Espresso is something we take seriously. No coffee from any of our cafes is served without first having a great espresso at it's core. 

When it comes to choosing our house espresso we like to make sure it has the punchy flavours you expect from a good espresso balanced well with a little bit of extra sweetness! 

This wonderful punchy Kenyan is a delightful treat that we're proud to have our current house Espresso. Kenyan Coffee has a reputation for high quality and attention to detail and this Coffee is no different. Known for producing coffees with lots of rich fruity flavours and bold sweetness. When combined with milk you get a lovely smooth creamy coffee perfect for that morning pick me up!

We highly recommend this bean for all you espresso makers.

Region: Nyeri

Farm: Various

Altitude: 1,600 to 1850 Meters 

Varietal: Barian // Ruiru 11 // SL28

Process: Fully Washed

Profile: Fruity // Candy Sweetness

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