El Salvador Vista Hermosa

Third generation coffee farmer, José Gutierrez, combines scientific know-how with generations of farming wisdom to nurture and protect his coffee from disease and pests. José’s focus is on producing high quality coffee, which is helped by the fertile clay soils of the Ilamatepec mountain range.

Coffee at Finca Vista Hermosa is grown in shade provided by native tree species. These shade trees double as habitats for native species of bird and fauna. José is dedicated to using sustainable farming practises, protecting these native species by using a holistic ecological system that combines a knowledge of microbiology with plant nutrition.

El Salvador was once the fourth largest coffee producer in the world, and continually produces high quality coffees. Farming traditions run deep in El Salvador, and many farmers are passionate about coffee production and constantly strive to improve their crop. The country’s approach to coffee growing has recently been changing from volume to quality-driven, giving us this incredible natural.