Honduras CADEXSA

This fully washed coffee from CADEXSA is a socially-conscious choice with a great flavour profile. CADEXSA has driven a variety of projects, including organising medical brigades, offering agricultural extension, and supporting education for children in coffee-growing communities.

In the 1950’s, Hilario Acosta started growing coffee. Three generations later, the family runs three farms, a wet mill, a dry mill, and an export business, all under the name CADEXSA. CADEXSA works closely with small and medium size producers, cooperatives and Acosta-family farms. CADEXSA’s non-profit ‘Bean of Life’, helps coffee-growing families in Honduras, bringing educational outreach and access to healthcare, amongst other things. They now export coffee from every region of Honduras.

This coffee is a SHG (Strictly High Grown), which specifies that it must be grown at 1,200 metres above sea level or higher. The higher altitudes and lower temperatures mean that the coffee fruit matures more slowly, creating a denser bean.

It is only in more recent years that coffee production in Honduras has reached speciality levels comparable to other Central American countries, but speciality roasters are responding with enthusiasm. In 2017, a lot in the Cup of Excellence garnered the highest price ever paid for a Cup of Excellence coffee in any country.