Peru - Lupuna (Washed)

This grade 1 washed coffee is grown under the shade of a towering Lupuna, a sacred Amazonian tree that has grown on the land for generations. The 12 farms that contribute to this lot all farm as permaculture farming - meaning they intercrop many species, supported by organic fertilisation and pest-control in order to replicate natural cycles.

Microclimates in the Oxapampa-Ashaninka-Yanesha Biosphere Reserve are highly variable. An altitude change of as little as 100 metres can result in completely different climates and ecologies. Because of this, 7 Elements - who all 12 of the farms work with - groups farms by location and local ecological features to express the unique conditions that contributed to each coffee.

The use of permaculture farming is based on an ideology that focusses on creating sustainable, resilient systems. The idea is to replicate natural cycles that are resilient and productive without any external chemical input. For the communities, it means self-sufficiency and resilience with diversified income streams.

Farmers working with 7 Elements receive training in permaculture, cultivation and coffee processing techniques. 7 Elements also provides seedlings, humidity meters, agronomic support, financing for farm maintenance, and more.


FARM: Tsachopen

VARIETAL: Multiple

PROCESS: Fully washed

CUP PROFILE: Malty / Cranberry / White Grape