Peru - Cipizu (Washed)

This Biosphere Reserve uses climate-smart agriculture and speciality-focussed processing to grow sustainable, high-quality coffees. The 3 farms this coffee comes from are 1,990 metres above sea level on Cipizu Hill. This land has its own microclimate with unique ecological features and native plant species.

All three producers receive support from 7 Elements, which is focused on supporting sustainable livelihoods by revitalising permaculture and other climate-smart agriculture practises. The use of permaculture farming is based on an ideology that focusses on creating sustainable, resilient systems. The idea is to replicate natural cycles that are resilient and productive without any external chemical input. For the communities, it means self-sufficiency and resilience with diversified income streams.

Giorgio Piracci, a biologist specialising in technologies, began working with the Yanesha Indigenous community while studying environmental conservation in Oxapampa, Peru in 2005. In 2014, Giorgio and a close friend founded the NGO (non-governmental organisation) 7 Elements to both support Yanesha farmers and create a new business model that would be “a disruptive change maker” focused on creating more even social, environmental and monetary profits. They also commit to paying double the market price for coffee. As word of the programme’s success spreads through communities, more youth are expressing hope that agriculture offers them a successful future.


FARM: Cipizu Hill

VARIETAL: Multiple

PROCESS: Fully Washed

CUP PROFILE: Honey / Red Grape / Blueberry