Raspberry Persian Love Cake, and the legend behind it

The Love Cake has been around for centuries, believed to have be introduced by the Dutch or Portuguese in the 16th century. 

The legend behind the Persian Love Cake is particular, is that a young women was madly in love with the Persian Prince, and to show her affection baked him a cake infused with rosewater, pistachios and aromatic spices. There are variations in the story as to whether or not the Prince accepts the cake and falls in love with her. (The optimist in me would love to believe it). 

The main difference between a 'Love Cake' and the 'Persian Love Cake' is the  Arabic influence of the rose water. Rose water is an intrinsic part of Arabic culture, used in religious practises and as part of beauty regimes but also in Arabic cuisine used as a flavouring. 

The Yorks 'Persian Love Cake' is topped with white chocolate and finished with pistachios and raspberry powder. The sharp and sweet raspberry powder perfectly complimenting the moist, dense aromatic sponge. Described as a "Middle Eastern Bakewell Tart" primarily in reference to the distinct almond taste. The almond flour changes but the taste and texture of the sponge- which makes it comparable to a Western Bakewell. 

It's the perfect Friday afternoon treat, so go on you deserve it.