Battle of the Brew: Cold Brew vs. Pour Over

Here at Yorks coffee isn't just important to us, it defines who we are. But then again you probably knew that if we’d reached this blog.

Today we are putting the two more famous iced coffees head to head. The Cold Brew and the Pour Over. Both fantastic ways to indulge in an iced coffee, and both brews have different selling points, just depending on what you're looking for in an iced coffee.

Our Cold brew recipe is a ratio of 1:5 of our Specialty roasted Yorks Bean infused to cold water infused for a minimum for 12 hours, definitely making it a night before kind of thing. 

The pour over ice, doesn’t take quite as long, you’ll be pleased to know. It’s more like a traditional coffee made with espresso, just poured over ice (as the name would suggest). We can make just about an espresso based drink over ice- check out Iced Mochas in particular.

There are some key differences between the two, other than the way they’re made.

Cold brew coffee, because of its brewing method, results in less acidity and bitterness- leaving a full flavoured, sweet and smooth cup of coffee. Which is perfect for an iced coffee.

Conversely, there are benefits to Pour Over iced Coffee. Pour over is a brighter, crisper, more delicate and complex coffee.

Whatever team you’re on, let us know or pop in and order your favourite.

Check out our home brewing collection, so you can recreate your favourite Yorks coffee at home. If you're looking to buy coffee for Cold Brew choose a medium coarse grind.