We know our sauce

We know our sauce, and make all of our sauces and butters in house. 

Tatlı biber salçası, meaning  “sweet pepper paste”, and acı biber salçası, literally “hot pepper paste”. We use Capya Peppers, a species of pepper native to South America. The Capya Pepper species is one that is both sweet and hot, making it the perfect pepper for us to use to create our Biber Paste. We use it both as a seasoning and as a sauce, once it's infused with butter. 

Starting with our Biber Butter- you can catch this as Biber paste seasoning the Lamb Kofta Tagine and on the Armenian Chicken Shashlik, or as a buttered sauce on our famous Turkish Eggs. 

To start our Biber paste our Chefs grill half a pallet of capya chilli peppers and smoke the other half. 

The Capya chilli peppers are boiled and then blended into a wet consistency. 

This is then dried for around 6 hours at approximately 40 degrees. 

To make our Biber Butter the paste is then infused in butter and left to really combine the aromatic flavours of the sweet and hot chilli with the creamy salted butter.  

We really put our time and love into making our Biber Butter Sauce and we hope it shows