French Press

A classic brew method that most people have heard of, which is pretty simple to execute. Also known as a cafetière or a plunger, this brew method is minimum effort and can easily be altered to your personal taste. Just try not to shatter the glass in your cafetière.

Step 1: Boil your kettle and let cool slightly while you grind your beans. (Alternatively, we can grind beans in store for you).

Step 2: Weigh out your ground coffee, for our recipe you'll need 30g of coffee.

Step 3: Fill your french press with 500ml of water from the kettle , and throw your ground coffee into it. Give it a gentle stir and place the lid on, but do not plunge.

Step 4: Let it brew for 4 minutes. Give it another gentle stir, and then scoop the crust off the top with a spoon. 

Step 5: Let it brew for another 5 minutes. Then, slowly plunge, but only so the plunger is sitting just below the coffee, so as not to disturb all the grounds. The plunger will serve as a strainer when you pour your coffee.

Step 6: Slowly pour out your coffee.

(Ordering coffee for French Press? Choose Immersion grind.)

Yorks Coffee Roasters - Fresh Press Brew Guide 2020