Competition Blend - Ethiopia // Guatemala



We've been excited that our Roaster, Craig, got the competition bug and went off to Manchester to take part in Extracted Development. A national competition where a Roaster and a Barista are paired together to present some incredible Coffees to a panel of experienced judges. 

We're proud to say Craig and his teammate Lindsey (From Waylands Yard. Go check them out!) grabbed 3rd place overall as well as won Best Milk Beverage.

This coffee is a blend that the guys developed for this competition. A mix of our Ethiopian Anaerobic Natural and our Washed Guatemalan beans. The goal was to bring together the wonderful sweet fruity flavours that the Ethiopian brings with the bold acidity and punch the Guatemalan has and form a well balanced espresso with a lot of complex flavours. 

Highly recommended as a Flat White.


Region: Sidamo // Huehuetanango 

Farm: Bensa Shantaweni Station // Asociation Civil

Altitude: 1,500 to 1990 Meters 

Varietal: JARC Varieties // Bourbon Catuai

Process: Natural Anaerobic // Fully Washed

Profile: Rum/ Stone Fruit / Tropical 

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